Larry LaMotte

Larry LaMotte | Story Teller | Serial Entrepreneur | Founder of ReCapturit®

Inspirational BadAss, Larry LaMotte

Larry LaMotte is launching ReCapturIt®! (Coming Soon)

Not only is Larry a hellofa guy he is a passionate entrepreneur; he is motivated, he is driven, and he wants to have a massively positive impact on the world!

Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein
Favorite Book: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez
Favorite Quote: "The best way to predict your future is to create it." ~Abraham Lincoln

As a visionary, Larry's startup is filling a much needed and untapped void in our circular economy. Keeping reusable construction materials of all sorts OUT of the landfill and getting them into the hands of people who people who are seeking unique objects.

I encourage you to listen to Larry's journey hatching this awesome idea for a Marketplace called ReCapturIt®. Larry shares a compelling story of what shaped him into who he is today, and why his start up will impact the world in so many powerful ways.

Larry's Guidance:
- Step out to initiate and learn how to have courage, it gets easier...
- Develop a morning routine to prime positivity in the brain to get the day going right.
- Ask a LOT of questions to people who are doing what you want and listen.