Kendra Roberts

Kendra Roberts: Entrepreneur | Artist | Jeweller | Co-Founder of Common Ground Arts

Inspirational Bad Ass Kendra Roberts

Favorite Quotes:
Never Never Never Give Up!
~ Winston Churchill
There will only be one of you for all time, fearlessly be yourself!
~ Anthony Rapp

Kendra Roberts is one of the most talented Jewellers that I know! And... she has one rye sense of humor that you will love and hear throughout this podcast interview...

Kendra has owned and operated Kendra Studio Jewellery as the Artist and Chief Creative Officer for 20 years and her jewellery has been featured in dozens of national media outlets! In addition to running her jewellery company Kendra is a co-founder and creative producer of Common Ground Arts.

Listen on in to this amazing podcast with Kendra Roberts as she shares her illuminating insights of the current art scene and what it might look like in the future!