Keep Learning, Don’t Let Your Mind Become Calcified Poop

Matthew Naftzger | Artist | Metal Smith | Matthew.Works

Matthew Naftzger | Matthew.Works

Keep Learning, Don't Let Your Mind Become Calcified Poop!

In this Inspirational BadAss podcast with Matthew Naftzger, I share with you a rebellious story of a man who absolutely lives his passion. Artwork feeds his soul and drives his existence.

Matthew grew up being told he couldn't and wouldn't amount to anything. He set out to defy that.

He grew up in the middle of nowhere. The nearest service took an almost two hour drive. To create some sense of organized structure in his life, Matthew joined the Marines. From day one, he counted the days until he got out. He also embarked on college, yet found his calling in art. Matthew is one of the most incredibly talented and sought after artists of our time.


  • Artists: Arthur Ganson & Lee Bontecou
  • Book: My name is Asher Lev
  • Type of food: The next meal, I want to explore
  • Quote: Men may die but worms may eat them
  • Ice cream: Anything but strawberry...

It is critical to get into the mind of a true artist and below are some of Matthews thoughts about his art.

I've always sold my work so I can keep making work.
I'll do anything to keep making artwork.
Creativity and exploration comes first.
If I was to do something to make money, I would do something smarter…
How would you describe your work? Royal Dystopian

You can find Matthew's work at: