Glenn Dion

Glenn Dion: Retake Director of Big Mouth | Hysterical Sense of Humor

Glenn Dion is hysterical and I loved the interview!

Glenn spins a fantastic story of his humble beginnings growing up in Lacey Washington to where he is today. As a professional illustrator and animator, Glenn has worked on some of the most famous animated sitcoms in history.

His portfolio reads like the who's who of the industry as he has worked on King of the Hill, The Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and Turbo Fast! Currently Glenn is the retake director on the, not for the faint of heart, animated sitcom Big Mouth.

Importantly Glenn gives advice to people who are wanting to break into the industry. At then end of the day Glenn says: "You have to take the responsibility for your own education."

You can see some of Glenn's work on his Instagram page or his personal website Glenn Dion Art!