Cesar Keller

Cesar Keller: CEO | Adviser | Author | Key-Note Speaker

Cesar Keller

The Future of Work: Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence work together

Cesar Keller is without a doubt an obsessively focused visionary who spends an enormous amount of time considering The Future of Work.

Looking at Cesar’s LinkedIn profile shows the history of an incredible story of someone who crafted a solid career path. Cesar has worked for enterprise organizations including Accenture, Unilever, PepsiCo, Nokia, HTC and Microsoft. Through every position he has held, Cesar has had an eye on the future. In both Marketing and business development, Cesar had the opportunity to shape years to ahead.

Since retirement from Microsoft of 2017 Cesar has been obsessed about the Future of Work and the ramifications of Artificial Intelligence. His book, [Non] Human Intelligence: AI, Automation, and How Robots Will Make Us Better People was published in 2018. Most would think that was enough however is involved in two startups and on the Board of Directors of another.

In this podcast, Cesar and I go deep into the intricacies and nuances of The Future of Work. We discussed the 1st stage of the 4th industrial revolution. We discuss the evolution of the workplace from the years past and what it may look like in years to come…

Listen to this fantastic podcast and be prepared to hear Cesar reveal his vision for The Future of Work and how WorkPlace21 and Collective Brains will help shape its future.

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Authored publication: [Non] Human Intelligence: AI, Automation, and How Robots Will Make Us Better People