What Can I Do To Learn From This?

Meshell Baker | Chief Confidence Igniter | Authentic Selling Alchemist

Mechell Baker is without a doubt, a remarkable human! In this fantastic Inspirational BadAss podcast with Meshell Baker we pursue, in depth, the DNA of what makes her:

A Chief Confidence Igniter
A Captivating Keynote Speaker
An Authentic Selling Alchemist
A Confident Living Catalyst
A Vision Mastery Enthusiast

And much, much more!

As the oldest of 3 siblings growing up in southern California, Michell recalls asking over and over, why in the world did our parents have us. We were told that is better to be seen and not heard, there was rampant alcoholism around us and she remembers hating her childhood.

Meshell ended up being incarcerated at the age of 20, and was blessed with sage guidance from her uncle George. He said, “instead of asking Why did this happen, ask What can I do to learn from this?”

The guidance propelled Meshell on a journey of personal self-discovery of which she continues to practice today. As a result of all the incredible hard work that she has put in, Meshell uses that experience to Inspire and Empower people and groups of all shapes and sizes.

The guidance propelled Meshell on a journey of personal self-discovery of which she continues to practice today. As a result of all the incredible hard work that she has put in, Meshell uses that experience to Inspire and Empower people and groups of all shapes and sizes.

If you want to be moved an inspired, listen on into the inspirational badass podcast with Michell Baker and you will walk away absolutely and positively inspired.

Favorite Movie: Armageddon
Favorite Book: Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
Favorite Food: Soul food
Favorite Quote: From Maya Angelou
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Favorite Ice Cream: Rocky Road

You can find Meshell Baker:

[email protected]

Your Education Is On You, And You Are Accountable!

Jerry Hook | Founder CEO | Jar of Sparks

Your Education Is On You, And You Are Accountable!

In this Inspirational BadAss podcast we dig in with the Founder and CEO of Jar of Sparks, Xbox Live founding veteran, Bungie alumni and Father and Husband to the crazy Hook family fun house.

Jerry shares what it was like to grow up as the black sheep of his family, what is was like to live with dyslexia and dysgraphia. “It sucked and made school the worst thing on the planet.”

One of the most pivotal moments early on in school was when one of Jerry’s teachers told him that, “Your education is on you, and you are accountable.” This guidance, as well influence from the classic movie Tron exemplifying complete experiential gaming immersion, changed everything and set him on a trajectory that transformed his life forever.

Listen in on this Inspirational BadAss podcast with Jerry Hook, and perhaps you too will be as inspired as I was.

Favorites Movie: Empire Strikes Back and The Matrix
Favorite Game: Destiny – Which Jerry still plays to this day
Favorite Quotes: “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them to the impossible.” Arthur C Clark
“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” Steve Jobs

You can find Jerry Hook:

Keep Learning, Don’t Let Your Mind Become Calcified Poop

Matthew Naftzger | Matthew.Works

Keep Learning, Don’t Let Your Mind Become Calcified Poop!

In this Inspirational BadAss podcast with Matthew Naftzger, I share with you a rebellious story of a man who absolutely lives his passion. Artwork feeds his soul and drives his existence.

Matthew grew up being told he couldn’t and wouldn’t amount to anything. He set out to defy that.

He grew up in the middle of nowhere. The nearest service took an almost two hour drive. To create some sense of organized structure in his life, Matthew joined the Marines. From day one, he counted the days until he got out. He also embarked on college, yet found his calling in art. Matthew is one of the most incredibly talented and sought after artists of our time.


  • Artists: Arthur Ganson & Lee Bontecou
  • Book: My name is Asher Lev
  • Type of food: The next meal, I want to explore
  • Quote: Men may die but worms may eat them
  • Ice cream: Anything but strawberry…

It is critical to get into the mind of a true artist and below are some of Matthews thoughts about his art.

I’ve always sold my work so I can keep making work.
I’ll do anything to keep making artwork.
Creativity and exploration comes first.
If I was to do something to make money, I would do something smarter…
How would you describe your work? Royal Dystopian

You can find Matthew’s work at:

I will do what ever it takes!

“I will do absolutely what EVER it takes to make it happen!”

In this Inspirational BadAss podcast with Blanca Montilla, you will hear a story that is quite remarkable! 

This is about Never Giving Up!

Growing up in a very rough part of town, living through a major coup, moving to a new country to seek safety for the family, getting an MBA landing a dream job and climbing through the ranks to be a director of sales, to now being adversely affected by the economy, are just a few of the challenges she has faced.

Blanca has experienced setback after setback in life and sometimes near defeat. She has seen the ups and downs that life throws at us. You will hear about one hell-of-a journey of Grit, Determination, Perseverance, and Resilience.

Listen in and without a doubt you will feel compelled to simply continue to move forward no matter what it takes.

Favorite Books: Harry Potter – All of them
Favorite Quote: If you don’t have what you love, love what you have – Mom
Favorite Ice Cream: Coffee

Blanca’s guidance:
Live is good and bad, and has challenges and opportunities. Even during times of chaos and crisis, there are opportunities. Be courageous to see those opportunities. Take the risk, prepare yourself, and go forward!

You can find Blanca on LinkedIn

Audio editing provided by Paul Fix and & Marty Kneeland

Embracing the Suck – I AM going to Win!

Daniel Weaver is a man who is comfortable being uncomfortable and embraces the suck!

Passionately driven, Daniel has started a new chapter in life as the proud new owner of: Bewildered FitnessHome of CrossFit Bothell.

Two months after Daniel took the keys to his new gym, the global pandemic closed down his gym! Daniel’s community and tribe has supported his efforts to continue and thrive despite current closures. Where there is a will, there is a way. I believe Daniel has the special sauce to make it happen to go the distance.

Listen to this podcast and hear story after story of overcoming loads of trials throughout his entire life. Growing up in Amarillo, Texas with a single mother can have implications in an of itself however he has persevered.

I have huge admiration for someone who embraces the suffering, who learns every day, and has a passion to help others. Daniel is that guy!

Favorite Movie: Rocky IV
Favorite Book: Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams ~ Logan Gelbrich
Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza!

Daniel’s Guidance:
– Pursue the fear, chase after what you fear and find out what you are made of
– Have the mindset of embracing the suck –
– Head first into the storm

You can find Daniel on LinkedIn & Facebook

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Listen… I have something to say!

Inspirational BadAss, Brittany Keith

Brittany Keith IS an Inspirational BadAss!

Favorite Quote:
If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one momentwould you capture it, or let it slip?
~ Eminem

What I love about this quote, Brittany’s favorite, is that it encapsulates the interview perfectly!

Brittany’s story of overcoming so many obstacles is powerful on so many levels. Over and over in her life Brittany fought to stand up for herself when others told her that she couldn’t do it. Not only overcoming social norms but overcoming pressures from family friends!

Being told that:
– You’re too quiet
– You should speak up more
– You don’t talk enough

To getting so frustrated in a meeting and trying to talk to:
Slamming her hands on the conference room table and “I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!”

This powerful story is a MUST listen to and share with friends that need some encouragement to keep moving forward.

Brittany’s guidance:
– Ask for what you want – if you do not ask for what you want someone else will…
– Lead with a calm confidence.

Audio editing provided by Paul Fix and & Marty Kneeland

Larry LaMotte

Inspirational BadAss, Larry LaMotte

Larry LaMotte is launching ReCapturIt®! (Coming Soon)

Not only is Larry a hellofa guy he is a passionate entrepreneur; he is motivated, he is driven, and he wants to have a massively positive impact on the world!

Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein
Favorite Book: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez
Favorite Quote: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ~Abraham Lincoln

As a visionary, Larry’s startup is filling a much needed and untapped void in our circular economy. Keeping reusable construction materials of all sorts OUT of the landfill and getting them into the hands of people who people who are seeking unique objects.

I encourage you to listen to Larry’s journey hatching this awesome idea for a Marketplace called ReCapturIt®. Larry shares a compelling story of what shaped him into who he is today, and why his start up will impact the world in so many powerful ways.

Larry’s Guidance:
– Step out to initiate and learn how to have courage, it gets easier…
– Develop a morning routine to prime positivity in the brain to get the day going right.
– Ask a LOT of questions to people who are doing what you want and listen.

Kendra Roberts

Inspirational Bad Ass Kendra Roberts

Favorite Quotes:
Never Never Never Give Up!
~ Winston Churchill
There will only be one of you for all time, fearlessly be yourself!
~ Anthony Rapp

Kendra Roberts is one of the most talented Jewellers that I know! And… she has one rye sense of humor that you will love and hear throughout this podcast interview…

Kendra has owned and operated Kendra Studio Jewellery as the Artist and Chief Creative Officer for 20 years and her jewellery has been featured in dozens of national media outlets! In addition to running her jewellery company Kendra is a co-founder and creative producer of Common Ground Arts.

Listen on in to this amazing podcast with Kendra Roberts as she shares her illuminating insights of the current art scene and what it might look like in the future!

Glenn Dion

Glenn Dion is hysterical and I loved the interview!

Glenn spins a fantastic story of his humble beginnings growing up in Lacey Washington to where he is today. As a professional illustrator and animator, Glenn has worked on some of the most famous animated sitcoms in history.

His portfolio reads like the who’s who of the industry as he has worked on King of the Hill, The Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and Turbo Fast! Currently Glenn is the retake director on the, not for the faint of heart, animated sitcom Big Mouth.

Importantly Glenn gives advice to people who are wanting to break into the industry. At then end of the day Glenn says: “You have to take the responsibility for your own education.”

You can see some of Glenn’s work on his Instagram page or his personal website Glenn Dion Art!


Cesar Keller

Cesar Keller

The Future of Work: Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence work together

Cesar Keller is without a doubt an obsessively focused visionary who spends an enormous amount of time considering The Future of Work.

Looking at Cesar’s LinkedIn profile shows the history of an incredible story of someone who crafted a solid career path. Cesar has worked for enterprise organizations including Accenture, Unilever, PepsiCo, Nokia, HTC and Microsoft. Through every position he has held, Cesar has had an eye on the future. In both Marketing and business development, Cesar had the opportunity to shape years to ahead.

Since retirement from Microsoft of 2017 Cesar has been obsessed about the Future of Work and the ramifications of Artificial Intelligence. His book, [Non] Human Intelligence: AI, Automation, and How Robots Will Make Us Better People was published in 2018. Most would think that was enough however is involved in two startups and on the Board of Directors of another.

In this podcast, Cesar and I go deep into the intricacies and nuances of The Future of Work. We discussed the 1st stage of the 4th industrial revolution. We discuss the evolution of the workplace from the years past and what it may look like in years to come…

Listen to this fantastic podcast and be prepared to hear Cesar reveal his vision for The Future of Work and how WorkPlace21 and Collective Brains will help shape its future.

Learn more Cesar and his ventures listed below.

Collective Brains
LinkedIn profile
Authored publication: [Non] Human Intelligence: AI, Automation, and How Robots Will Make Us Better People