Listen… I have something to say!

Brittany Keith | MBA | Staff Product Manager

Inspirational BadAss, Brittany Keith

Brittany Keith IS an Inspirational BadAss!

Favorite Quote:
If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one momentwould you capture it, or let it slip?
~ Eminem

What I love about this quote, Brittany's favorite, is that it encapsulates the interview perfectly!

Brittany's story of overcoming so many obstacles is powerful on so many levels. Over and over in her life Brittany fought to stand up for herself when others told her that she couldn't do it. Not only overcoming social norms but overcoming pressures from family friends!

Being told that:
- You’re too quiet
- You should speak up more
- You don’t talk enough

To getting so frustrated in a meeting and trying to talk to:
Slamming her hands on the conference room table and “I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!"

This powerful story is a MUST listen to and share with friends that need some encouragement to keep moving forward.

Brittany's guidance:
- Ask for what you want - if you do not ask for what you want someone else will...
- Lead with a calm confidence.

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