Kendra Roberts

Inspirational Bad Ass Kendra Roberts

Favorite Quotes:
Never Never Never Give Up!
~ Winston Churchill
There will only be one of you for all time, fearlessly be yourself!
~ Anthony Rapp

Kendra Roberts is one of the most talented Jewellers that I know! And… she has one rye sense of humor that you will love and hear throughout this podcast interview…

Kendra has owned and operated Kendra Studio Jewellery as the Artist and Chief Creative Officer for 20 years and her jewellery has been featured in dozens of national media outlets! In addition to running her jewellery company Kendra is a co-founder and creative producer of Common Ground Arts.

Listen on in to this amazing podcast with Kendra Roberts as she shares her illuminating insights of the current art scene and what it might look like in the future!

Glenn Dion

Glenn Dion is hysterical and I loved the interview!

Glenn spins a fantastic story of his humble beginnings growing up in Lacey Washington to where he is today. As a professional illustrator and animator, Glenn has worked on some of the most famous animated sitcoms in history.

His portfolio reads like the who’s who of the industry as he has worked on King of the Hill, The Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and Turbo Fast! Currently Glenn is the retake director on the, not for the faint of heart, animated sitcom Big Mouth.

Importantly Glenn gives advice to people who are wanting to break into the industry. At then end of the day Glenn says: “You have to take the responsibility for your own education.”

You can see some of Glenn’s work on his Instagram page or his personal website Glenn Dion Art!


Cesar Keller

Cesar Keller

The Future of Work: Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence work together

Cesar Keller is without a doubt an obsessively focused visionary who spends an enormous amount of time considering The Future of Work.

Looking at Cesar’s LinkedIn profile shows the history of an incredible story of someone who crafted a solid career path. Cesar has worked for enterprise organizations including Accenture, Unilever, PepsiCo, Nokia, HTC and Microsoft. Through every position he has held, Cesar has had an eye on the future. In both Marketing and business development, Cesar had the opportunity to shape years to ahead.

Since retirement from Microsoft of 2017 Cesar has been obsessed about the Future of Work and the ramifications of Artificial Intelligence. His book, [Non] Human Intelligence: AI, Automation, and How Robots Will Make Us Better People was published in 2018. Most would think that was enough however is involved in two startups and on the Board of Directors of another.

In this podcast, Cesar and I go deep into the intricacies and nuances of The Future of Work. We discussed the 1st stage of the 4th industrial revolution. We discuss the evolution of the workplace from the years past and what it may look like in years to come…

Listen to this fantastic podcast and be prepared to hear Cesar reveal his vision for The Future of Work and how WorkPlace21 and Collective Brains will help shape its future.

Learn more Cesar and his ventures listed below.

Collective Brains
LinkedIn profile
Authored publication: [Non] Human Intelligence: AI, Automation, and How Robots Will Make Us Better People

Dr. Scott Petri

Dr Scott Petri

“Opportunity is everywhere and you just have to jump in and try to make it yours.”

Dr. Scott Petri undoubtedly gives everything he has to any and every goal or ambition he is driving after in life. Currently, Scott teaches at the John F Kennedy High school in the LA Unified School District, and in 2013 he earned his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies.

In the podcast Scott shares many of his experiences of being a teacher and stresses how important it is to create a real connection with students if you want lasting success.

We discussed how critical resilience is for you to push through difficult times or transitions and how important it is to have mentors to help guide you along the way.

Scott shares how he uses Artificial Intelligence tools and other technologies to help assist the process of teaching.

One of Scott’s favorite quotes from William Arthur Ward:
– The mediocre teacher tells.
– The good teacher explains.
– The superior teacher demonstrates.
– The great teacher inspires.

Tim Cochran

Tim Cochran

“Just Do It”

Get involved with clubs and hang around people that are doing what you want to do!

What a fantastic story! Tim Cochran shares his very compelling triumph of overcoming cancer so that he could continue doing what he loves most, flying planes.  Tim grew up in the Pacific North West and attended the University of Washington and getting a history degree. He gave himself a gift and started flying planes. He became a flight instructor, fought through cancer and is still flying today! You will want to hear this story of perseverance and dedication.

Lael Ann-Marie

Lael Ann-Marie is the quintessential Inspirational Bad Ass and you are going to love her story! Our interview is filled with laughter, brutal honesty, integrity, vulnerability and the sas’.

Anyone peering at a snapshot of Lael’s movie reel you will see a ridiculously driven and successful entrepreneur. Lael owns a world-renowned Hair Salon called B•B Coiffure in sunny Del Mark California just north of San Diego as well most recently launching an online educational web portal called VenuEDU.

Jump in and take a quick journey with us as I ask Lael some tough questions about her challenging past and how she used those difficulties to overcome so many obstacles along the way to enjoy her current success as well as keeps the fire burning to continue to grow as an entrepreneur…

Phil Brock

“Follow Your Passion – Believe in Yourself”

Phil Brock is a man who strives to be the best at what ever he does. Software Developer, Architect, Business Leader, Competitive Athlete and Social Entrepreneur. Listen in to a fantastic journey and learn what motivates and drives Phil to be a better version of himself…

Phil and I had a very lively discussion on being an entrepreneur and what it is like to focus sustainability and humanity at the same time. The idea of creating a product thinking of the entire life-cycle from design to the customer and back to recycling the product back into the supply chain.

This was enlightening to me for sure. Be sure to get involved with your own personal innovation studio!

Mark Tucker

This is a story of Mark Tucker’s journey from Hell and Back from very heavy drug addiction to nearly losing his life at the hands one of the FBI’s top 10 most wanted criminals, through recovery, to being a certified personal trainer, a published author, a recovery coach to an inspirational speaker to thousands.

Deb Steiner

“Other people’s opinion of you is not your business”

This is a must listen! Deb Steiner shares the values and ideologies that helped to shape and influence her life. These values were passed down to her from most notably her grandfather who had a huge influence on Deb’s live.

They impressed upon her the importance of not only being responsible with money but with knowing that life can be very short. It is equally important to spread and share kindness and laughter, not because it is free but it is human.

In the podcast you will hear Deb’s Mind Set that Deb she still uses today in her business and her personal life.