Inspirational Badass Podcast

With Marty Kneeland as your host.

Embracing the Suck - I AM going to Win!

Daniel Weaver | Owner at Bewildered Fitness: Home of CrossFit Bothell


What is the Inspirational Badass Podcast?

My name is Marty Kneeland and I’m the host of the Inspirational Bad Ass Pod Cast. The intention behind this podcast is pretty simple, I’ll be interviewing people who have done very cool stuff in their life and I’ll be sharing their stories with you. The people I am interviewing are people, who are out there in the real world, fighting the good fight, in their own way and who are what I consider Inspirational Bad Asses. To journey into the minds and hearts of my guests, take a stroll with us and listen on in to their story and perhaps you may be inspired…